Assetto Corsa 1.1

ac8This last week (13 week) I have been trying the last update for Assetto Corsa, and I have to say, it is a wonderful simulator but after this break, I have to go back with the adults.

This could be a review, but it isn’t. I have not played all the modes and maybe was needed to say something more about the game. My impressions and opinions are about more than 80 hours from the early access stage until this last great achievement; the Dream Pack.

Getting straight to the point, AC is THE lost opportunity.

ac11If you have bought the game and taste it, it feels great, practice, hotlaping or even IA weekend races feel extremely solid. The graphics are amazing, using Direct X11 capabilities we get an incredible immersion of lights and shadows, reflections and a very detailed world. Laser scanned tracks are one of the strongest points of the game and are perfect scenario to be driven.

There are lots of cars, with the biggest companies in Europe, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lotus… many different types, from street cars to F1 cars. ac10Physics are great for each one of them, FFB is as good as should be and everything is aiming for the most fun simulation, and eventually gets it…

But, there is always a but, the multiplayer or online mode. We are in 2015, Rfactor was launched almost ten years ago with the same approach that Kunos trying again a decade later. A private server system that force you to find a closed community to race some serious race. Otherwise, public servers are filled with kids and noob console players trying to win a short 5 lap race in the first corner.

I could keep ranting about online mode, but it is a choice of the players of the game how evolved, once Kunos took its decision about not building a sanctioned races series.

ac9So finally, after this good Nordschleife DLC, where the performance issues has been fixed, network issues has been fixed, cars has been added, and everything else has been tuned… we got the perfect Lonely Driver Green Hell Experience.

Maybe we will have something when the beta label be removed. I do not despair.

Note: All the pictures are in GTPlanet AC Photo thread

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