Double shifting

Update: as Ed says, you can edit your app.ini with the following value:

debounceSeq_Ms=80 ; Add delay in Milliseconds to sequential shifter to reduce double shifts


I was reading EdRacing and I stumbled upon with a thread on the forums.

“Ok, at the risk of demonstrating my immense ignorance, what is debouncing?”

Marco Modin gives an aswer:

When electromechanical switches open or close electrical circuits are not unreliable on small signals. Often cause a phenomenon called Bounce. A single click can be read 2 times accidentally. It happens infrequently switches on new and higher frequency of old ones.
To work around this issue appliances should have a hardware device or a software debounce in the firmware.
Some shifters seem not have such a device and if they do not seem very effective.
The software debouncing on the sim rather than with external software as in the example above is to prevent accidental double shifts. In case of a double shit down the risk is the engine failure.

And he adds a possible solution (and legal) solution:

A temporary solution could be GlovePIE.

I use also Joy2Key because GlovePIE don’t see T500Rs.

Whit Joy2key I mapped paddles to 2 unused keys in keyboard, in my case ‘j’ and ‘K’.

Whit GlovePIE I wrote this script:

if pressed(Key.j) then
press Key.F11
wait 100mS
release Key.F11
end if
if pressed(Key.k) then
press Key.F12
wait 100mS
release Key.F12
end if

In iRacing I configure F11 and F12 for shifter.

I tested and work very well. I put a debouncing time of 100mS because I’m not able to press ten time at second paddles, so it is a very sure value.

I don’t use preselection, but this script is not useful for drivers that use preselection, because became not possible.

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