G27 not working after Windows 10 update

Microsoft has been releasing these last days a troublesome update for some of simracers using a G27/G25 Logitech steering wheel.
Logitech Gaming software updates to 8.83.85 version and this causes G27 being recognized as Driving Force wheel without clutch or degrees to be configured.

Jacob Klein (and a friend of mine) experienced and solve it with the following procedure:

  • On 5/21/2016, Windows 10 offered “Logitech – Other hardware – Logitech Download Assistant”, which was auto-installed.
  • I believe it upgraded my Logitech Gaming Software from v8.82.151 to v8.83.85
  • It also messed up my G27 installation, as both (Logitech Profiler) and (Control Panel -> Set up USB game controllers -> Properties) showed my wheel as a Logitech Driving Force PS2 wheel.

I fixed it by:

So, then end result is back where I began: “Programs and Features” correctly shows both:

  • “Logitech Gaming Software 5.10” (for my G27 wheel)

People also submitted the last driver from Logitech website working for the G29 should recognize G27 properly.

Logitech 64bits driver
Logitech 32 bits driver

Also, to avoid manufacturers drivers auto updates check the following method:

All Apps, Windows System, Control panel, Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers. Right click on your pc icon, click on ‘Device Installation Settings’, and tick “No”.



From iRacing staff:

After uninstall and reinstall Logitech software:

Then go to your My Documents folder, then iRacing folder, then run a search within the folder for the word controls.cfg within the iRacing Folder, then delete all the controls.cfg files listed
Then do a search for joyCalib.yaml then delete all the joyCalib.yaml files listed.
Log back onto members.iRacing.com
Select Test
And Calibrate wheel here.

June update from Logitech staff:

If your computer gives you a blue screen when you connect your G920 wheel or if your PC/games do not recognize your G25/G27 wheel, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Disconnect the Gaming wheel from your computer.
  2. Download and save WheelDriverCleaner.exe to your desktop
  3. Run the cleaner tool by double clicking the file from your desktop.
  4. Close the cleaner tool dialog box.
  5. Reconnect your Gaming wheel to your computer.

74 thoughts on “G27 not working after Windows 10 update

    1. That could be a different and more severe issue. Post covers G27 being detect as a Driving Force Logitech wheel after Windows 10 update.

      1. Merci Gcamaram,t’assure,moi c’est bon,en fait j’ai un pote qui m’as dit de changer de volant g 27,mais y’en a pas,donc j’ai fait tourner les volants et je suis revenu sur le volant j’ai 27,maintenant j’ai plus de problème !,ton Tuto, m’as aider pour une bonne configuration,merci à toi,heureusement qu’il y’as des personnes comme toi,bonne continuation

  1. Same for me, this was the only solution that worked. I tried both, and the first option worked for me rather than the G29 drivers.

  2. I have tried multiple times of both methods and neither has worked. Even after I reinstall the old profiler, it still tells me I have a driving force plugged in. About to sell this G27 and just wait and pick up a t500rs down the road… Way too frustrated with windows 10

    1. Try this:

      For those who run a G27 wheel and got the automatic download from 2016, here is the fix which allows the profiler recognise your G27 wheel and return to normal.
      Uninstall the G27 and profiler before completing these steps.

      1. Launch lgs510_x64.exe from Logitech drivers.
      2. Don’t click anything in the driver pop-up but just leave it opened
      3. Open C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Temp\
      4. Do a research with CTRL+F and search for the folder 2b-LGS-x64
      5. Open the most recent folder named 2b-LGS-x64 and go to \Common64\Logitech\WMDrivers\
      6. Right-click on wmjoyhid.inf and Install. Don’t accept the reboot. Close all windows.
      7. Close also the driver pop-up and launch again lgs510_x64.exe. Click on next and so on, as usually. This time, the wizard should recognize your G27 as a G27 wheel Smiley Happy
      8. After installing, reboot your PC.

      And wallah!!

        1. unplug steering wheel while you uninstall and reinstall drivers. Reboot as much as needed.
          If someone wants to hire a remote session to make it work, please use contact form in about page.

      1. Thank You! My G27 stopped recognizing the clutch and H-Shifter in ETS2. Followed these directions and now it works. Just one addition to the instructions, leave your G27 USB unplugged until the install asks you to plug it in.

  3. I have no idea what I am doing wrong but I cannot locate the 2b-LGS-x64. Not sure I am doing this right? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Ryan

    1. is your Windows 32 bits? maybe its x86 folder instead x64. Simplest way to fix it is uninstalling everything from Logitech and installing 5.10

  4. Does anyone else has the same problem as I do?

    When I connect the wheel into a USB 2.0 slot on the back of my MOBO and Install the lgs510_x64.exe everything goes smoothly. Until I open the profiler to check my button mappings, when I press a shifter button the wheel aggressively goes to the left or to the right. Also when I press a D-pad button the wheel does the same thing, and the only way to make te force feedback stop is either: pull the USB out or, press the upper D-pad. When I disable the force feedback function, I can press any button without any problem, but that is not why I bought the wheel :’). Any thought on how to solve my problem?

    PS. system is Win 10 x64 Education

      1. @gcamaram

        I’ve almost tried everything now:

        Installing fresh win 10 and installing lgs510_x64.exe, same problem.
        Installing fresh win 7 and installing lgs510_x64.exe, also the same problem.

        So even when there are none config files the problem persists.
        I cant remember if the wheel spinning is normal inside the button mapping, but the way the wheel spins and the amount of torque it produced doesn’t look normal to me.

        PS. When I plug it into my PS3 and play GT6 it works perfectly.

        1. Did you ever get this fixed with win 10? i’m experiencing the same exact thing with the aggressive wheel while in the profiler.

          1. Nope, sorry.
            Went on a Holiday for two weeks so havent had the time to solve the problem yet.
            When I do solve it, I will post it on this webpage.

      2. Moi sa a fonctionné mais j’ai eu un nouveau problème, en fait lorsque je joue à project cars,j’ai plus d’accélération,sa répond plus! Merci

    1. I have the same exact problem with my Driving Force GT. It worked fine before but after I did a clean Windows 10 install this started and I have no idea how to make it work. Do you have any solution yet?

      1. Same as said with Rando
        “Here and Ed’s post you should be able to fix it but…
        You can hire me for a remote session at no cost, and I’ll charge you only if we fix it.”

  5. Thank you so much!
    Finally i can use Dirt Rally again with my wheel!!!
    This saved me from goin back to win 7.
    Only solution that halped me-

  6. Curious if anyone has had similar problems but with the G29? I have a new G29, works great on my ps4, but when plugged in to WIndows 10, windows 10 treats the clutch as the actual y-axis, rather then the steering wheel. Steering wheel doesn’t register anything when turning or calibrating..

    1. As I already said “Here and Ed’s post you should be able to fix it but…
      You can hire me for a remote session at no cost, and I’ll charge you only if we fix it.”

    1. man i’ve tried everything it keeps going to a default state never gives me the real feel of driving like it use to : win 10 64 trying to play ATS

      1. Here and Ed’s post you should be able to fix it but…
        You can hire me for a remote session at no cost, and I’ll charge you only if we fix it.

  7. hey mate,

    brand new G27 here, but I had a DFGT before for two years.

    tried everything, from WheelDriverCleaner.exe, and clean boot, to “let me pick drivers” and nothing.

    wrote a fully detailed report here: https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D53100005dV1kSCAS

    TL;DR: this is what I currently got: http://i.imgur.com/D9z81Ro.jpg

    buttons and pedals work, but the FFB and rotation don’t. the wheel is “locked”.

    tested on Assetto and iRacing.

    any additional ideas?

        1. well, usually it’s what i said, but reading your case is an adventure to confirm anything. If you are getting warning sign in devices after your steering is partially working… that should be the problem

  8. I am having a problem with Driving Force (EX). Was working fine before windows 10 update. Not sure if that is the problem exactly but it seems like it. Whenever I am in a game like NFS Most Wanted or GTA San Andreas…the D-pad down is stuck. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

  9. I have a problem with G27. I can download de profiler without any problem but after installing i can’t open the Logitech Profiler

        1. I recommend you do the following.

          go to the following directory in your computer (you will have to enable hidden files view).

          C:\Users\REPLACE WITH YOUR Username\AppData\Local\Logitech\Gaming Software

          In the folder above I found several xml files. I moved them to a temporary folder (I recommend you do the same). Then I had no problem starting the program again. I then imported backups of my profiles (shame on you if you don’t make backups) and it seems to be working fine now.

          I am not sure if this will solve things for a long time or not, but it appears to have fixed the issue for now. I am assuming that one of the xml files became corrupt through a windows glitch of some sort.

          original source: http://forum.city-driving.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=3815

    1. Check my last reply or…
      Remove the Logitech maps in these maps:

      C:\Program files\ Logitech\
      C:\Program data\ Logitech\

      To make the Appdata and program data map visible press ALT.

      Then download the new software

  10. Many thanks, for me it worked with WheelDriverCleaner.exe. I am on Windows 8.1 and my G27 kept spinning when I pluged it in after a few months without using it. Also it was recognised as Driving Force wheel without clutch. Your post was easy to find after searching on google.

  11. Hi guys,

    solution worked for me:
    – plug Wheel directly to motherboard !!!

    You must see it in device and printers as G25 racing wheel. I don´t know why, but front side USB doesn´t work well.

    I can play Forza Motorsport and Horizon now.

    Good luck for all of you.

  12. My profiler of my G27 won’t start up AGAIN! I can download de profiler without any problem but after installing i can’t open the Logitech Profiler 🙁 if i delete the XML file i get a error :/

  13. hola como estan?tengo un problema con el logitech g920 anda todo el volante,la pedalera y la palanca H,pero no andan los botones anda solamente la A y si la apreto se activa como si estuviese apretados 10 botones a la vez,ayuda no se que puede ser,ya desintale e instale los drivers,desintale windows,etc

    1. Has probado a enchufarlo en otro PC? Ve a dispositivos y juegos dentro de panel de control, propiedades y mira que los botones están funcionando correctamente. Si no es así podría ser un cable suelto en las conexiones de la placa, por lo que te aconsejaría que lo descambiases si aun esta en garantía.

  14. This instruction saved my day. Got it working just with the LGS510_x64.exe on win10. Thank you so much. I probably won’t buy Logitech again, this is really annoying.

  15. Hi, my son’s g29 on F1 2016 (PC) has an issue where when he sometimes turns a sharp corner or rides kerbs , the wheel doesn’t centre but acts as if it is if you get what I mean, this can either be left or right of centre depending on which way he was turning when it happens. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. is it just with that game? You can try recalibration or plug it in another pc or laptop and test LFS or light demo.

      1. sorry – only just received an email – no it is doing it on other games – I have acquired another PC that is set up – just waiting for him to test it (as I have been for two weeks now 🙁 – will keep you updated

  16. On windows 10, my problem is slightly different. Logitech profiler sees the controller correctly. But the actual game does not detect the controller.

    1. I have the same problem like you with my g27. With logitec 5.10 for 64 bits and win10. The program and pictures look ok.
      Forza apex detect correct. Emulators like model2 and3 no detect.
      Emulador atacase canonball detect correct .

      And here a surprise… Need for speed hot pursuit i know that let use with win7. But my 2 test with win10 no detect device.
      What i did ? I plug in my xbox wirelless controller .i run the big picture (Steam), there Run the Need for s. H.p. Pressing xbox buttons. And surprise.. the Game detect the xbox device and the g27, so i can config my g27buttons.
      I éxit the Game. Exit big picture. Disconnect xbox controller. And now allways this Game detect my wheel.

      So i think:
      1)The problem is that the g27 isnt the primary device, so only some games can let detect, because will take others first.
      2) I am sure that Steam have had some update to “forcé ” use the steam controller as “primari” controler. So there aré games that Before run ok, but now you have to config controllers..
      3) There aré people that think that If you have nvidia geforce experience this can affect. I try and i think that no have problems.

      So, we need something for doing our g27 wheel as primary device. I Dont know how by now…
      But i remember that with win7, i had to disable my g27 for being detected my xbox controller with the Game “saint seya “.
      This can be the way…

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