Hall effect sensors

G25/G27 pedals are great, we all agree that statement, but they are far from perfect. Maybe its most faulty part are the pedal potentiometers. A potentiometer is and adjustable resistor that can increase or decrease resistance and therefore the current output. It has moving parts exposed to wear situations continuously.

If the pedal pots needs to be cleaned, you’ll notice spikes in your pedal inputs.

Those potentiometers are not designed to be used more than thousand cycles and are prone to catch dirt and moisture, so maybe sooner than later you will have to unmount them and do a thorough cleaning.

Here you have an extensive post how to do it.

One of the different approaches trying to solve these awkward mechanical issue is to use hall effect sensors, magnetic maintenance-free devices without any kind of friction.

There are two companies selling this modification. Both in Spain.

Simulaje: They offer a 3 magnets set along others elements (wires, flanges) for about 45 euro.

TSS: They are offering every hall effect sensor for about 20 euro. Seems thinner than the first one.

People driving with them seems very happy with their performance and some of the most expensive pedals sets out there are using this technology in gas and clutch pedals.

Anyway, you can replace your current pots with Leo Bodnar’s pots and keep racing with a better quality replacement.

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