iRacing Setup Sync

I should have installed it first but this hot summer is defeating me.

Nick Thissen develops a great application to put in order all your setups. No more forums searching, no more lost folders, no more messing with shared setups. Period.

The ISRTV team made a great job summarizing most important features of the application:

  • Automatically download recent setups for your current car / track, as soon as you start iRacing. Similar to Trading Paints – except for setups!
  •  Search setups by car, track or team and download the ones you don’t have yet.
  •  Compares your local setups with the online database setups to determine which setups you already own – there is no point in downloading duplicates!
  •  Subscribe to cars, tracks and teams and quickly search setups that match any of your subscribed items.
  •  Completely customizable directory and setup naming convention with macros like the setup author, car, track, season and many more.
  •  Operates on a vast database of over 1,000 setups which is continuously updated by setups added to the various Setup Shops around the forums, and by user uploads.
  •  (Soon) Upload the setups you used in a recent session (if you want to share them) with the click of a button.

Works in a similar way to Trading Paints, so you must to link your iRacing account to the application site.


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