Lately I don’t have too much time to analyze my own data, but iSpeed has been always my preferred tool to check what I am doing on track and how the others are performing.

ISpeed is a suite to make a telemetry analysis of your laps. It allows you to compare your own laps against a lot of people who is using it too. Therefore you can see what others are doing; race line, gear, speed, brake forces, delta times… among many other things. This is especially useful if your are trying to understand where you leaked those final tenths.

Also, the program comes with a really light and informative HUD. Almost every triple screen setup you can find on the web is using this HUD as a complementary screen to get a picture of the lap times and fuel consumption. With a minimum 15$ payment you can set this HUD out in your mobile or tablet browser.

A partial list of the features:

  • Heads up display of pertinent data.
  • Supports second monitors, windowed mode, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Kindle Fire, etc.
  • Voice announcements of Splits / Trap Speeds / Lap Times (via Windows Text To Speech)
  • Audio announcements of marked track points (can help with braking / cornering points)
  • Shows best splits, comparison to best splits, and optimal lap times (thanks, Stephane).
  • Shows time delta compared to best lap (or any history lap – yours or someone else’s).
  • Can show +/- speed and deltas for someone else’s lap file – while you’re driving.
  • Auto-saves your best laps so you can look at them later.
  • Auto-saves your best setups so you don’t lose your setup tweaks.
  • Lap Analyzer to compare your lap with others.
  • Includes a “Datamart” with other people’s lap files for you to download / compare with your own (many thousands of laps availble to download – right now – to compare yours against).
  • Can convert an iRacing .rpy (replay) file to an iSpeed lap file (.irlap) (more details here).
  • Customizable split points, via the Lap Analyzer.
  • Customizable “Trap Speed” points, via the Lap Analzyer.
  • Can “Stay on top” of iRacing running in Windowed mode – important data can be “ripped away” from the main GUI and placed on top of iRacing.
    Supports multiple lap types so your best lap and splits in Hotlap mode can be stored separately from your Race ones.
  • Can load save files and looking at user input (brake, throttle, steering angle, gear), drive path, and speed. Since we always save your best laps, this makes it really easy to compare against someone else’s laps.
  • Works on Windows XP, Vista Window 7 and Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit versions.

You can download it from here.
Troy Schulz’s “Getting Faster, one second at a time” guide.

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