NWS and Ascher Racing join forces

As McLaren and Honda, my good friends Jon Elgezabal, Iván Incera and Martin Ascher will join their forces to offer better and higher quality simracing products in the future. They have passed a note to me with the announcement.

“After many months of collaboration, we have succeeded ensuring that North World Sim and Martin Ascher join forces and talent, thus ensuring that NWS is the official distributor of Ascher-Racing in Spain.

NWS is proud of this agreement, since having achieved that a reference, experienced and high quality brand wants to make us its representative in our country is something that fills us with lots of energy and makes us want to be better.

With this union, we will not only be able to improve and innovate, but each of you can have a simracing product of the best quality, adapted completely to your needs and really quickly.

Don’t forget that each and every one of you is what makes the world of Simracing great. And that your opinion, collaboration and final satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

One more thing: I will continue working very hard to improve, always counting of course, with your support, since you are a fundamental piece of this ‘machine’. We want to receive as much feedback as possible, that will help us improve our service. We will highly appreciate your opinions, tips and suggestions.

North World Sim and Martin Ascher welcome you!”

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