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With the recent improvement of the OSW set and its several choices, the distance with almost mythical Sim Steering FFB system seems to be vanished, but Leo Bodnar’s team has done an extra effort to keep ahead of the rest of very high end solutions, DIY or not.

Bedo Margadishian wrote an extensive and wonderful review. Coming from an AccuForce is a good start to understand how many different could be a couple of DD wheels.
Mockracer SS2 review

And Daniel Almeida, a previous OSW owner who decide to improve his general experience with the top product available.

“I thought a short comparison between the OSW Lenze I had before and the Bodnar Simsteering 2 with AKM54 servo would interest a few people here. So here it is:

Buying process:

I wanted the 53 servo originally and the purchase went through like that. A day later I got an email from John telling me that the 53 was out of stock. He then offered me a free upgrade to the 54 and told me that in case I didn’t like the 54 servo for whatever reason, they would swap it again for free as soon as the 53 is in stock again. I can say here that I won’t do that though, the fear I had about too much cogging couldn’t be further away from reality and I like the extra torque. So great service from John and Leo there!

Packaging and delivery:

The box was sent with Fedex and arrived in 48 hours in Switzerland. The packaging was exemplary as can be seen in the pics.


It took me around 3 hours to mount it to my cockpit, but the Simsteering system itself would have been ready after 30 minutes. The software is extremely easy to use. Only thing to pay attention to is how to mount the wheelhub and quick release. You need to open the software to check the center position first.


There’s zero EMI with the Bodnar and it was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the change from the OSW. I had my OSW dialed in in the end but I lost weeks until all my EMI issues were solved with the OSW and if you’re not a patient person it can really be a bit frustrating. With the Bodnar it’s really plug and play without any worries.

Last but not least, the driving itself:

I wasn’t expecting a huge improvement coming from the OSW. I had tested MiGE and Lenze servos before and while the Lenze was better, the MiGE was also excellent, especially for the price. I felt back then that the premium price for the Lenze wasn’t worth the price difference I had paid for it. Going to the Bodnar I was expecting a similar situation and I was prepared to be mildly disappointed. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong…
The Bodnar is on another level again. The smoothness, the lack of any unrealistic oscillations and the great torque range of the 54 servo (26Nm) make it a revelation even for previous DD owners. The best way to put it is that with the Bodnar you completely forget that you’re driving a sim. It simply feels real.


This thing is bloody expensive but it’s worth every penny in my opinion. If you can buy it, you most likely won’t get any buyer’s remorse. It’s lightyears ahead of the competition now and even if you own an OSW, you’ll be blown away again. One disclaimer: I drive mostly rF2 nowadays and myfirst tests were done there. I did a few test laps in iRacing though and the same basic observations apply here as well (no oscillations, etc.)”

You can find it at Leo Bodnar’s shop here.

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  1. Hi, great review! I received my Simracing V2 53 system a few days ago. Going from a Thrustmaster TX, it was a massive upgrade for me. However, aside from Assetto Corsa, I seem to struggle to find a good force feedback setting. Could you please share yours? I run rFactor 2, AMS, Dirt Rally and Raceroom. Thank you!

    1. Well, I don’t have a SS2 to test it with those games, but you could use some OSW configurations. Both are linear DD wheels and behavior should be similar to that scale. You can put 50% force in Leo’s config and adjust torque in game.

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