The cheapest non DIY upgrade

Before Thrustmaster tried to find its place in the market with the T500 and T300 models it was Logitech with G25 and G27 which was the only real option to the FFB feeling.
gteye-niximG25 was a sucessful model and a great value for money and many of us had or have one of these for out rig.
It is a very moddable steering wheel and pedal set and allows to upgrade it with cheap and expensive add ons and achieve the next simulation level, probably even at the same level of some Fanatec products.

Pedal set is the easiest item to upgrade.
If you don’t know, brake is the most important tool when it comes to racing. There are two springs on the market designed to substitute the Logitech stock spring. Both of them are progressive and both give you and extra stiffness similar to a real car. Also they are affordable, about ~ 25 euro. One is built in UK and the other in Australia.

With any of these and considering a little bit of practice, you are going to find a better feeling braking your car. Stiffness allows you to handle a locking brake more easily and progressiveness forces you to use the brake wisely.

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DIY: Do it yourself.

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