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The more information we get, the more lazy we become. I am really surprised to see same questions again and again, more than anything with the current eagerness existant where everybody needs an immediate answer. It is really easy to use a search engine and get an instant answer but even with that possibility, many people is asking forums, as the old network in 1998. Time to finish this though and solve doubts, written and indexed to be available with a simple search and with only one click.

How can I try or test iRacing?

To try or test iRacing you need to sign up in the service. This sign up procedure charges some quantity in your credit or debit card (also you can use PayPal or other payment methods) due to its subscription nature. You are paying by time and content starting with an overall package to race some Rookie series without the need to afford extra expenses. In the old times, there were free promos from time to time but due to misuse of these kind of free accounts, they are not available anymore. Now, sponsored accounts usually last 3 months, enough time to test the service and to know if we want to stay or not. Anyway remember to disable autorenew check when you sign in the first time or before your account reaches expire date.

Now you can sign up through this link choosing one of this codes to get 3 months and one car by 12 dollars. First includes Kia Optima and second includes Ford GT



If you are tight on budget, you can try with the cheapest promo available with no other car in the package:


If you are sure to stay in the game, you have a good machine to move it, simracing is your passion and hobby and you are committed to the driving practice, maybe you can use these more worthy promotions with bigger discounts. First one is for a year and second for two years, 50% off.



Will be able my PC to move iRacing flawlessly?

When I say flawlessly, I really meant a good experience, far from sloppiness, choppiness, sluggish or stuttering issues. You won’t get a good driving experience if you are suffering from one of those issues. There is a minimum standard to avoid these kind of inconveniences:

  • New generation Intel CPU computers: i5 or i7 or a good modern AMD processor, from 2013 onward
  • Good graphic card: AMD or Nvidia series 7 onward, (GTX 760 or AMD 7870 at least)
  • Steering wheel and pedals: Logitech DFGT or better
  • More than 8 GB RAM memory
  • Fast and stable internet connection

Simulator is by default trying to move 84 FPS, as a minimum value of smoothness. It is possible, depending on your hardware, you maybe have to lower your graphic settings to avoid penalizing your driving speed. Some graphic details are affecting smoothness and this can harm your inputs/outputs on screen.

I’ve obtained a higher license. What should I race?

What do you want? Open wheels or GT cars are available and are very different from each other. There are many cars in every license to climb each of the ladders to reach what is consider like a top level: F1 and GT3 series. Reach those categories usually implies a big investment in tracks and content and it takes time to redeem it, racing and having fun.

This is only one example, many more cars are available.

D Class – Skip or Ruf GT3

C Class – Pro Mazda, Formula Renault or Advanced Mazda

B Class – Lotus 79 or Blancpain Series

A Class – F1

It is too expensive, I’ll create another account when expire

It is up to you, but it is a long way to get out of the Rookie and climbing license system and Safety Rating. Also it is ugly see names like John Doe2 unless you asked support to change it to something less normal to avoid overlapping names.

My account has expired. What should I do?

First, if you left this happen… it’s your fault, get over it and don’t let it happen again. There are many offers and discounts through the year to not see something like that. You can add time to your account easily and cheaper with those promotions. If you are committed to simracing, pay more attention and put effort on it. That was my talk, now a code to reactivate an expired account for three more months by 20 bucks.


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