A series of unfortunate events

In the new season release notes, iRacing staff said that something would be announced today with an streaming event.

Well, today was going to be the unveiling day. Many speculations about what could be behind the curtain; a Porsche license, a LMP1 car, Dirt mode, more cars, more tracks, F1 license, etc.

In spite of all measures taken to avoid leaks, someone in charge of iRacing twitter account pressed the wrong button yesterday publishing the video showing the new content. Forums echoed the move and Myers had to put out the fire, asking simracer fellas to keep the mouth shut about the surprise. Unfortunately, this time Audi, the partner here, was guilty to blow it up an hour earlier publishing the video. Here is the new car:

“With its Quattro AWD technology and 700+ horsepower (530 kW) turbocharged five cylinder engine, the legendary Audio 90 GTO scorched a path across the 1989 IMSA GTO Series.   
Now you too can experience the same breathtaking performance that powered Hans Stuck and Hurley Haywood to seven wins and five one-two finishes from Summit Point to Sears Point (aka Sonoma) and from Lime Rock to Laguna.”


You can get this car for free using the following link to sign up and coupon code for the next 70 hours.


Anyway, new car can be purchased right now, but we already are in the first week of the season. No more week 13th testing time nor searching for bugs. No series available, no one could make a discount package along with Le Mans for this car… Why has it been released a week later? Why in a “business day”? I don’t really understand but at the end of the video you can find another “surprise” awaits at the same hour next week. Maybe its the long awaited Dirt Test 1.

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