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Marcio Amadeu started in February a thread trying to gather all the useful applications and plugins that are currently making life easier to the iracers. I took his list and I added a couple of new entries.

UPDATE: I opened a little space to save some of these files.


  • Trading Paints – Start using fully custom paint schemes in iRacing






  • Fuel Buddy – Assists you in planning fuel requirements for different races.
  • Shift Tone – Gives an audio cue for optimum shifting points. Useful when your FOV does not allow you to see you gauges.
  • iNotifier – is a desktop application that alerts you for any upcoming race, qualifying, or time trial sessions for the current series you’re registered for.
  • Iracing auto join – This script adds an auto join checkbox after registering for a session. Once the timer ends and the green Join, Watch or Spot button comes available it’s automatically clicked.
  • iSeason – Allows you to keep track of some racing statistics for any series within iRacing and display them on a single screen.
  • Motion Cockpit View – Helps to see the track configuration, this plugin is using the TrackIR interface to change the iRacing’s cockpit view and add a gyroscopic effect.
  • irAmbience-Ambient Sounds -This application will play ambient sounds while iRacing is running.
  • Sound shift – An alternative for shift tone.
  • iRace planner – For Android.
  • Fanatec CSP brake vibration Brake vibration support
  • iSound xSuite – iRacing custom audio pack.
  • Race points Manager – Used to help team and league admins and other such things.
  • iRacing Tools (Paid) – A few apps that provide fuel strategy, shift tones and others.
  • Weather Widget – Emulate the weather conditions for an upcoming session.
  • Another weather widget – Glenn Bowet widget.
  • iRacing dashboard with system tray notifications – desktop application to alert you of race activity that meets your defined criteria.


  • Racing Rivals – Compare your results against every iRacer you’ve ever raced.
  • iRacing Friends – Highlight your Friends and Watched Drivers on Session and Event pages, so you know where they are driving.
  • Private Message Tool – Allows you to send Private Messages (PMs) to multiple members at the same time.
  • iRacing Forum App – For android.


  • iRacing Browser Apps – is a bridge between iRacing API and your Browser.
  • iRacing TV Overlay – iRTVO is a add-on application for online racing simulator. Application works on top of the sim showing a TV style video overlay which then can be captured and streamed to the Internet.

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