Dirt countdown

Dirt mode will be finally released 29th march and we are seeing many things happening lately. New update has shown some of the new anticipated features but simracing fellas are expecting to see how dirt is represented in this whole new world.

For most of us, we still need to understand how new discipline should work. Rules and strategies need to be developed even for something apparently unregulated like this. Oval dirt release also means closer rally cross launch and surely many learnings from dirt will be applied to that “road” mode.

Facts to know at this moment:

  • A first Dirt build will be released 29th march
  • iRacing will be exclusive online racing partner for World of outlaws (premier dirt american series)
  • iRacing will be sponsoring a real dirt car as main sponsor
  • Volusia Speedway will be the third dirt track added to the service
  • Eldora and Williams Grove will be first two tracks available
  • Dirt versions of Legends car and NASCAR camping world trucks
  • Dirt sprint car versions: 205, 360 and 410 winged; 410 wingless
  • Dirt SLM will have the versions 305, 358 and 410

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