Dirt, hands, referrals and more

IRacing has been producing interesting news these days and now we have time to review some of them.
Stefan Johansson, a former F1 driver, has been testing the latest current F1 car available in the simulator, McLaren MP4-30 in Nordschleife. And his feelings about it and how the sim performed have been very positive. He considers there is a very high fidelity with the real track and totally approves its use as a training and improvement tool for real race car drivers.

“Former F1 driver, Le Mans winner, and overall racing legend Stefan Johansson recently visited CXC Simulations to experience our virtual Nordschleife for the first time – a track which Mr. Johansson shares a history with, having raced it in Formula 3, Formula 2, and in the legendary Group C car – the Porsche 956.”

Martin Kronke won the World Championship Grand Prix Series this year doing an impressive effort beating Huttu and finnish army. Congrats from here to him.

“After 16 rounds at some of the world’s most prestigious race tracks, VRS Coanda Simsport’s Martin Krönke beat defending 5-time champion Greger Huttu of Team Redline to win the 2016 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series – the highest honor in eSport racing on road circuits. He is awarded $10,000 in cash. Re-live his highlights of the season.”

This month there is a extra bonus for all the referrals. Check the following announcement or complete details in home page:

“Attention iRacing members: Our Referral Program has gotten even better. For the month of November only, you will get an additional $5 of iRacing credits for each paid referral sign-up of 3 months or greater. That’s $15 of iRacing credits just for having your family member, friends or co-workers try out iRacing. You’ll be able to can buy content, host a race or simply extend your own membership.

New driver hands animation has been included as an improvement for next season build. This maybe seems not importante enough but you can ask to Oculus and Vive users whether the current animation make them feel dizzy. A released video shows an advanced work in progress.

A sneak peak of new Dirt Mode.

Facebook video

“Hope you enjoyed the video – just a sneak peak of the Dirt Street Stock at Eldora. Just to add some clarity to some of the comments on the video.

Tear offs are from the helmet. There is no windshield
This is the street stock and not the late model
The effects like the amount of dirt hitting the car when nobody is front of you are not final
The cushion is still not hooked up so driving the high line would not have the effect of how that would change the handling of the car. You can run all the different lines though and the groove is changing.
This is literally the first day that things are far enough along with the surface model, textures, and tire model that showing a video seemed appropriate.
The incident point system will be adjusted slightly to account for the differences in dirt racing.
It was a s@#t ton of fun!


A reminder, today is the last day to submit your video for the Mazda Road 24 Shootout event held recently. We will know who is the lucky guy next Tuesday. Good luck to all contestants.

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