April 1st, April fool’s day we were surprised by a youtube trailer confirming dirt. Nobody was reliant on the story, you know, the date and some sketch on the video wasn’t to take it seriously.
But a couple of days after the rumour was intensified. It wasn’t a joke.


Gathering a lot of scattered info out there we can make a list with some changes that we will see on the next months:

  • Eldora Speedway is the first of the tracks they are working on.
  • Williams Groove is the second one.
  • Every new track will take at least 4 months to develop.
  • Some current ovals with dirt while staff works on real tracks.
  • There will be a new iR/Sr for dirt.
  • Rallycross and Dirt SLM will be available.
  • Ford Fiesta RS GRC stated as already in development as well as the Dirt SLM.
  • At least one professional team is helping with the development.
  • Staff plans first content to be released before the end 2016.

Spintires, an 2013 indie title, always come to my mind when this topic appears on the forums. Check some situations on the video and see what I’m talking about.

A new discipline with new options is always a welcomed add on. It attracts more people and more subscribers which is what a company needs to keep growing and to maintain a content with the required quality. Several times we doubt about how iRacing staff thinks to integrate a critical change to find afterwards a logical and common sense transition. I hope it won’t be different this time.

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