Does protesting work?

Ian Card has an interesting links collection showing many cases of successful protests and ban cases. This is a reminder to everyone that protest system works and there are people, like Nim Cross, taking care of all these reports. An added value, a key value really, to understand and enjoy how iRacing works and respect its own Sporting Code.

Here is a how to: Protesting Info ‘How To’

Protests By The Numbers

“The fear of other’s judgment is surely one of the surest supporting pillars of morality.” – Gustave Le Bon

“So back to the “What is a successful protest?”   Earlier, I gave you what I consider to be successful, but I’m sure there are other opinions.  However, take a look at the last bit of data, one also based on the “Accepted” protest.  1131 different members had protests filed against them during Season #2.  (Remember we have 35,000+ members.)  Of those 1131, just 6% were protested three or more times, 15% were protested twice, and 79% of them were protested only once.  I would call that an 80% success rate.”

4 week complete multiplayer ban for a chat

“Lol. He had his team mate return the favor by wrecking me while attempting to pass below the yellow line (which lead to him provoking an arguement by saying some very vulgar stuff in Portuguese as well as telling me that I had no right to be there) I laughed and replied saying F-off and to have fun with his chat ban, protested him and now I’m looking at a 4 week complete multiplayer ban for a chat incident that I didn’t provoke…”

Voice chat – 3 month ban

Vulgarity –
Dino was using the word “Fuck” multiple times over voice chat during the race.

Your ability to use voice chat has been suspended. The penalty starts on 12/16/2014 3:12 PM for 3 Months. Should any Sporting Code violations occur during this time, you may be subject to additional penalties. You will receive an email on 3/16/2015 3:12 PM informing you that the suspension is over and your ability to voice chat in the sim is activated.”

Does a protest warning effect your damage model

“So I got a warning for intentional wrecking last week and ever since i got it when i get hit (and i mean others hitting me) i have noticed that every single time they appear to have no damage (despite causing the accident) and my car is literally wrecked.”

I’ve protested several times and always heard back within a day or two.

“Make sure the responses aren’t going to your junk folder. I’ve protested several times and always heard back within a day or two.

“Member was notified of the outcome” = The guy you protested was punished
“Matter was deemed a racing incident” = He was not punished

Sometimes iRacing won’t punish someone with suspension but they’ll still talk to the other driver.

As a rule of thumb, you can always protest malicious behavior, whether it was in practice or in a race, but stupid behavior will likely be considered a racing incident.”

Steward/Protest System

“Found out the usb cord ground wire inside come un soldered, how, I have no clue, never seen that. Next day I get an email, I was protested for that incident by the same person I told what happened over the radio and text. Next email I am suspended for 4 weeks for Intentional Wrecking….are you f’g kidding me !! So I appeal and yes it was overturned and they said be sure to get the controls fixed etc”

Protest Appeal System Overhaul

“I feel as if there is no feeling of reality in the appeal system, as I stated my case and was responded to with two words, in a cookie cutter response. I honestly feel that an appeal board should be put into place, and a clear explanation as to why suspensions or protests go through and clear.

Clarity among the protest system in at fault incident would be nice as well. Someone writing a 6 word explanation highlighted in yellow doesn’t really give me an idea of what I did.”

Protest system outcome

“Protests can result in coachings, warnings, or suspension of services.”

How to appeal a protest?

“Contact on the straight after the turn could be intentional. People who repeat the meme that protests do not work are in all likelihood the people that get protested against and are trying to preemptively keep anyone from filing protests because it will most likely be them that is protested against at some time. Ignore them, and if it looks intentional, file a protest. He may only be coached this time, but if his permanent record at iRacing indicates a pattern, he will eventually get banned.”

Chat muted (Serious talk please)

“Fun day to do an Indy Race, a guy inside of me blinks and puts me into the wall, I obviously got mad and argued with him I mean its part of racing to argue with a driver who did something unfair against you. Saying he didn’t put me into the wall, now he protested me for text abuse and now im 3 months chat muted, any thougts?”

Protest process

“Dear I’m writing to inform you that the protest you recently submitted has been received and registered within our system. I want to stress that this is a only a notification that the protest process is now under way, and that any other parties involved have also been notified of the protest. The incident is being reviewed and a decision will be made as quickly as possible, at which time the member under protest will be notified of the results.”

what does “Profile disabled by iRacing” mean?

“I knew exactly who you were talking about before I even saw someone mention his name. I too was in the one his “races” last night. After he intentionally wrecked people, he sat on the track to make sure we couldn’t go back green. Finally a few brave souls fell on their sword and nudged him enough times as we passed by to get him DQ’d. He was also spewing a lot of racist language. I already sent in my protest and I hope everyone else that was in those races did the same. This guy shouldn’t be suspended, he should be banned permanently.”

on a Saturday evening, Nim took care of everything

“A little about this guy. He would start the race clean, but if he got into a wreck that wasn’t his fault he’d go into a rage and every single driver on the track became his victim. He’d rack up 10 to 12 separate incidents in a single lap and then look for more victims on the next lap. He did this for 4 races back to back on a Saturday evening. After each race, I’d send in a protest and then get into the next one. I was expecting iRacing to deal with this on Monday, but during the 5th race, on a Saturday evening, Nim took care of everything.”

Offensive and racist Private Message

“The person who sent the message was appropriately addressed and taken care of as soon as the protest was received. When we received the protest we noticed it had a long string of replies and arguing back and forth between the two parties. So we asked to see the rest of the thread so we can have a full understanding of what actually happened. There we noticed some violations in forum conduct from the other side. We politely asked that party to review section 2 of the iRacing Sporting Code, which was the appropriate action for what was seen in the full thread. We do not see that as coming down on anyone.”

Who’s at fault and how bad a transgression was it?

“OK thank you everyone for the input. The common response is a lot more in line with what iRacing communicated to me than expected.Makes me realize they know what they’re doing better than I do (at least occasionally). I still don’t understand why the outside line is running 1.5 grooves off the wall when they know I’m out of control. but that’s irrelevant.

Gonna close this thread down. Sentiment is pretty uniform and I’m not gonna leave a title open when it bashes iRacing unfairly.”

This email is to inform you that the protest has reviewed

“Once again we’d like to thank you for taking the time submit your protest. This email is to inform you that the protest has reviewed and the member under protest notified of the outcome.
If you need to reference this case in the future, please use the information below when emailing.”

just got back from a 7 month suspension

“Hello im sure all of you know me for I am well known for my wrecking. I have since realized throughout my vacation that I have decided to race better and cleaner and be much more patient. I know I have caused all of you to probably protest me once but I would like to apologize and race clean from now on. With that said thanks for reading and can anybody fill me in on what I have missed”

iracing just not being fair

“rules are rules. just because other people have got away with it doesn’t mean you should too”

I lost my right to drive for 6 weeks

“lost my right to drive for 6 weeks, and why

Well, it was clear and there was nothing I could say to fix it after it happened

It was Lime Rock, I was taken out with clear intent, so after getting back up and running
a found myself right behind the guy that took me out
As we rounded turns 1/2 and then 3 and 4 we started down the tunnel on the back side
As we came to the right hand turn up the hill and he lifted to turn I left my foot on the floor
His car went fling over the hump and over the fence out of play

We both sent in protests and I got 6 weeks for retaliation never heard from him what he got

But the system works”


“When a protest is filed;
First, both parties receive an email that the protest has been filed and is being reviewed. They will both be told what session it occurred and what the violation is. The member under protest is never told who filed the protest.
Second, when the review is completed both parties will receive another email.
The member that filed the protest will only be told whether it was a “racing incident” and that no penalty will be applied, or that “the protest has reviewed and the member under protest notified of the outcome”. This will mean the protest was successful, but he is not told what the penalty is.
The member under protest will be told whether the protest was successful or not. If successful, he will be told what penalties will be applied. The possible penalties are listed in the Sporting Code.
If you don’t get a notification that means no protest was filed. Keep in mind that protests can be filed up to seven days after the incident. Also check your spam folder. Depending on you settings, emails can sometimes wind up there.”

How long do appeals take?

“So I got suspended for a month from EVERYTHING because someone protested me from something he didn’t understand. I feel like I sent in a reasonable appeal at least to get my suspension cut in half.

I was suspended at 4:09 yesterday and I sent in my appeal around 7:45. I sent in the appeal by responding to the steward. Should I have an answer by now.”

Driver who cheated the Indy Car Winter Series Championship

“However, the driver who cheated the championship and other members will be receiving a lengthy suspension from iRacing services. We appreciate all of you who have sent protests and emailed us on this issue. We felt it appropriate to let everyone who sent complaints and those involved in the series know how the issue has been handled. We will always do our best to enforce the sporting regulations and provide a fair environment for you to race in.”

Did I get suspended?

“After reviewing all of the available information we do find the accusations of intentional contact are accurate. We respectfully ask going forward that you do not intentionally wreck another driver while on the service, under any circumstance. Our goal is to simply try and avoid this situation in the future. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.”

Suspended for taking the Bus Stop

“The story I heard is you moved from almost the tail of the inside line to up near the leaders as the lines rolled off pit road, about 18 spots out of position, then stayed there while all the other stuff was happening. I don’t think it was using the bus stop that got you the suspension.”


“With that said. Lesson learned. I messed up. And ill take the next few months away from the service and spend my weekends with the wife, kids, and at my local short tracks.”

Protest result? successful

“Once again we’d like to thank you for taking the time to submit your protest. This email is to inform you that the protest has reviewed and the member under protest notified of the outcome.

Thank you for your continued support and good luck inyour future races!

Im pretty sure this means they at least gave him a warning right? I had another protest a while ago where they informed me that they felt it was just a racing incident and did not do anything.”

double checking?

“Welcome back from your vacation!

What did you do?

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