Endurance: first contact

Our hyper connected world is continuously evolving to a even more connected state and we as simracers are taking some benefits of it. First you could race with people simultaneously, some time after that you could race properly with contacts and typical race incidents with people simultaneously and now, since two years ago we enjoy with team endurance races where we can join a team of drivers and race from our own home.

It is true it is not a novelty anymore because we are already used to it but it is wonderful to think how this works and what it allows to enjoy.

Endurance races are special, your mentality has to work in a very different level because you drive for a team, not only for yourself. You have a responsibility for your team fellow drivers and you have to take care of the car while you are fighting to progress in the race.

Maintaining a constant pace during a long concentration period is one of the keys of the endurance races. Usually drivers are not be able to cope with these long periods and therefore, these races can help to manage those environments. Iracing has been offering many events along the whole year where we can race together with our friends and colleagues. With many different cars and many different tracks there is a good choice for everyone. From a classic GT3 VLN 4 hour race to the more iconic Le Mans 24h race or jumping to north american events like Petit Le Mans or Sebring 12h.

Here we have an schedule for this year. Some of them have been already held but there is some candies in the future and next day night transitions will play a big role in coming summer events.

Roar Before the 24 // Jan 13 – 15
Daytona 24 // Jan 21 – 22
Sebring 12 Hour // March 11 – 12
Nurburgring 24 // April 22 – 23
Indy 500 // May 19 -22
24-Hours of Le Mans // June 10 – 11
6-Hours at the Glen // June 24 – 25
24 Hours of Spa // July 22 – 23
500 km of Road America // August 18 – 21
Petit Le Mans // Sept 30 – Oct 1
Bathurst 1000 // October 14 – 15

Summer build has many chances to be a truly step forwards in graphic development once we got rid of DirectX 9 and night day transitions will play a key role in the future where Le Mans and Spa 24 hours races should show if iRacing staff succeed.

Some of the incoming entries will examine in detail some of the special requests of endurance discipline and how to prepare and manage to make it to the end.

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