First days with AccuForce

This is what happens when you are lucky enough to upgrade your gear with a direct drive steering wheel. Enjoy Charlie Kuzma’s AccuForce review

“..I’m in love.

I’m coming from a Fanatec V2 which served me well and was absolutely problem free for almost 2 years. Even after reading/watching what seemed like 100 reviews I was still hesitant about spending “that kind of money” w/o actually having tried it. After much debate I decided to take the plunge and proceeded to sit on pins and needles for the past 2 months while I waited for my number to come up.

Thursday the wheel finally arrived and I was so excited I ran home at lunch time, unboxed it and bolted it to my rig before heading back with the idea that I was that much closer to driving when I got home later that evening.

After a small hiccup with my Sim Commander licence (which actually bought me enough time to make/eat dinner and hang out with my wife for a few) I was off and running around 9:30 on Thursday night.

I’ll go ahead and skip forward and spare you all the great things that have already been said about this wheel and instead just leave you with this.. “Wow..” In my two days of tinkering in SC I’ve managed to run PB laps with existing sets I had built for the SK Modified and previously thought that they had every drop of speed rung out of them. I’ve also hopped in a couple Fixed Series practice sessions to see how i stacked up against a group of guys that were all using the same setup that I was and was pleasantly surprised with my results and the new PB here as well!

Bottom line is that it’s not the brute force but more the subtle nuances that help you REALLY understand what the car is doing and enable you to drive up to and occasionally over the limit with relative ease.

In closing, i’d like to first apologize for my long-winded post. This was never intended to be a full on review but with so much excitement I felt like I needed more then a couple lines to accurately convey how it is i’m feeling. I’d also like to thank Berney, Kevin, James and the rest of the SimX crew for all that they’re doing over there and Darin Gangi for all his help over the past few months with decision making and/or technical issues.

One Happy Sim Racer”

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