I am a right foot braker

Probably you shouldn’t, but it is long path and you are going to need a lot of work to fully adapt your “vices” to the left foot braking method.

As long as you scratch the surface on this matter, you will find there is no real answer. Everybody has its own solid arguments to stay on its side.

Right brakers are arguing the following:

  • Fuel saving.
  • Tyres saving.
  • Time to balance the weights of the vehicle.
  • Body memory; “I used to do that”.
  • Manual transmission, clutching.

While left brakers say:

  • Faster reactions. You are safer.
  • Faster lap times.
  • Natural position for auto transmission cars; two feet, two pedals.
  • Take advantage; you are already racing an auto clutch vehicle.

When we read what the right brakers say we can suspect there is a hidden comfort zone from which there is no easy escape. Starts with what you feel natural since you drove for the first time and it turns really difficult to change when apply your knowledge to simracing.

Karting racers have learned the “ideal” way from the very beginning and they can treat the road and the track separately (as the right brakers should) taking an advantage when a two pedal car has to be driven.

My personal experience is very limited. Few times I tried left foot braking I felt the car wasn’t responding how I expected. It tires me a lot, and results very disturbing to me. It was impossible to check I was being faster in any moment.

I drop a couple of very interesting readings:





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