iRacing Auto Join

Paul Ilbrink release a year ago a useful script to auto join sessions in iRacing. I copied his announcement.

iracing-auto-joiniRacing Auto Join is a simple userscript that adds a little functionality to the session signup process on the iRacing membersite.
It adds a checkbox after signing up for a session.
When it’s ticked and the green join button appears it automatically clicks it for you so the sim will start loading.

This gives you a bit of extra time to visit the toilet, grab a drink or a snack or whatever you like to do during the minutes before a race.

It works for all type of sessions, whether you’re driving, spectating or spotting. 


Chrome | Tamper Monkey 
Firefox | GreaseMonkey 

Just click this link. If you have installed the corresponding addon/extension you should get a prompt where you can confirm you want to install the script. 

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