iRacing summer promo codes

I really don’t know which one of them still work, mostly I hope.

For new accounts:

Three months for free: PR-BLANCPAIN2015
Three months for 5$: PR-MERCEDESGT3
Three months for 1 for 12$: PR-2FREE
One month for $6: PRLEAGUE1
One year for $49: PRLEAGUE12
Three months for $5: PR-SROMG
Three months for $5: PR-IMSA2015
Three months with Late Model for $12: PR-2015PSRTV
Three months with Ford GT for $12: PR-RACESPOTLIVE
Three months with Ford GT for $12: PR-GRIPTV

Existing members will have to wait for the end of june or first week of july to see a big promo discount on renewals…

Update: Right now in your mail

12 months for existing member accounts for $49: PR-EARLYRENEWAL2015

2 thoughts on “iRacing summer promo codes

  1. your promo code works for iracing problem i have is when i trie to use it with paypal payment option it ask for my credit card info etc wich i dont have makes sense because i want paypal but i cant pay
    but when dont use a promo code and choose like 3 m option i can pay with paypal just fine so what kind of bs is that ?? are the people of iracing trying to trick people or something

    1. As far as I know, they need a credit card although not going to charge it with a free promo, but remains in your data account for auto renewal purposes. You must disable auto renewal if you are only trying the sim.

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