Keyboard shortcuts

Happen a lot of times. If you want to be fast, you have to take the control.

So, here it is this outdated table with iRacing’s keyboard shortcuts:

Black Box controls

TAB Splits/Delta
F1 Lap Timning
F2 Standings
F3 Relative
F4 Fuel stats
F5 Tires
F6 Tire info
F7 In-pit Adjustments
F8 In-car Adjustments
F9 Mirror Adjust
HOME Reset the Currently Selected Control
Down Select Previous Control
Right Increment Selected Control
Left Decrement Selected Control
Space Toggle Selected Control

Control assignments
S Starter
Shift+R Enter/Exit/Tow Car

Look left/right
Z Look Left
X Look Right

Other controls
T Text Chat
/ [num] Whisper or Selective chat
/r [message] Respond to Last Private Message
[ Increase FOV
] Decrease FOV
Shift+[ Increase Driving View(VanishY)
Shift+] Decrease Driving View(VanishY)
P Speed/Gear/Pedals Display
F FPS/Network Display
V Camera View
C Change Driver
Ctrl+PageUp Increase UI
Crtl+PageDown Decrease UI

Do not forget to map speed limiter to avoid black flags in the pit.

A more extensive list is available in

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