Nürburgring 1967

Blast from the past. Sometimes we forget how history evolved in many aspects of our lives. Racing is not a different one. Check this unbelievable onboard lap in Nürburgring old F1 track.

“People don’t understand how seriously dangerous F1 was back then. With design engineers like Colin Chapman doing literally anything to save weight on the cars and no safety precautions to speak of (some drivers wouldn’t even wear seat belts because they’d rather be thrown from the cars). The cars were literal death traps in the event of a crash. Jackie Stewart even said there was a 1 in 3 chance they would live through each Grand Prix.”

Extra bonus picture:

This from Monaco that year


This shot of Nick Brittan’s rather unconventional overtake near the yacht harbor chicane really probably didn’t do much to improve their reputation in the principality as evidenced by this bit from the Motoring News GP Report: “The Formula Vee race opened proceedings and proved only that such unstable cars should not be allowed near a race track. The only British driver involved, Nick Brittan, arrived at the chicane on his first lap to find a French-driven car sideways on in front of him; he hit it and rolled, falling back on his wheels, fortunately with no personal damage.”

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