OMP One Evo-K gloves

It took me a long time but finally I’ve found something that fits me very well and has enough grip to work with an OSW and suede wheel.

Until now, and I still do from time to time, I used Mechanix gloves due to their good grip and confort. They are a very good product considering their price, even below 15 pounds in amazon, and are more than enough for commercial wheels like Thrusmaster, Logitech or Fanatec, but when the forces are more closer to a real car (surpassing 15 Nm), you definitely need more grip.

These OMP gloves were the highest model in the karting category and I was lucky enough to hit a sale in a racing british seller. They are made in Italy, external seams and very confortable tissue (cotton-nylon), warm in winter and fresh in summer. No Nomex flame-resistant tissue, so we are doing simracing, so there is no need to avoid fires in our car and cheapen price. Very well finished product.

ONE EVO-K GLOVES: HI-TECH Karting Gloves,”Perfect fit” shaping, “ULTRAGRIP” rubber inserts on palm for maximum grip on steering wheel. Elastic wrist stop. Technical stretch fabric with “ULTRAGRIP” rubber inserts. 

Rubber pads are one of those things I missed so much. It helps me to hold the wheel with less force and tension and this allow me to drive in a more relaxed state, fresher, less tired or tight for longer.

It is not a big upgrade or improvement but little details are usually those which mislead us and our hands are a valuable tool, probably the most important we have.

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