OSW Big Mige Argon review

Marcus Hwang is one of the first OSW big MiGe owners, He has some impressive videos about his rig and his current config. Some time ago, Marcus wrote a draft of the first impressions he got with the project.

OK, here’s what i gather after pushing this for 4 hours.
When I was testing Bodnar’s wheel at a friend’s place, The seating position and pedal location are a bit too far for me (because we have a very different size and body height) therefore even though I felt the feedback and all that the wheel is telling me, I was having problem with the ergonomics, but now with the OSW built finished and I mount it at my optimum position, I finally able to comprehend a Direct Drive wheel and it’s benefit.

First time I jump on, when T1 is approaching I can’t believe how much power I have to put in for a turn , whilst turning the wheel I get a lot more feedback than my previous wheel, much clearer feedback, much louder and did I mention the power and speed.

img_1943 One thing that really surprises me I can feel road surface again- oh the joy, road surface feeling since the G27 is now back baby and it’s on steroids, it’s gives me instant road feel so fast so many times, again and again, I kept smiling lap after lap , there is subtle vibration with every bumps and grid of the road (I was thinking this is a placebo at first) but after 2 hour, I I know I’m not crazy, Daytona road surface felt smoother on the bottom than on top, top is a bit rougher, with T500 the road surface can be felt too , but with this it’s like amplified and clarified so many times that I am so sure it’s a fact (a subtle vibration can be felt a lot more on top than on the bottom).
The elevation of car ‘s weight transfer during Bathurst corkscrew experience is such a wakeup call.

With this wheel I can feel that a turn should be done this way not that way, the speed of turning and the angle of turning dictated so strongly that If I fight it I know I’ll crash or spin), I am more patience with my throtle because I can feel a lot more with my steering wheel and Im waiting for it to tell me when it is ok to push and when it’s not, it is clear as night and day. let the car and steering wheel and the weight of the car glide into position, do it’s job, rather than me muscling it or forcing the car to do turns that is unnatural

The weight of the car and road surface can be felt so much faster and instant than what I have played with before.
In my first lap, because I wasn’t expecting such a jolt and culture shock, I was 5 -6 seconds off my normal time, on lap 5, I’m 100th off my normal laptime. lap 8 I was doing a purple lap by half a second, by lap 10 I hit 1 second faster than my PB with T500. (I’m still very slow but this wheel has really woke me up to what a steering wheel should feel like)

It really is something that needs to be felt to understand.
Thank you Phillip (Beano) , MMOs, Bernhard Bergher, Martin Ascher and everyone else in this Great Project,
Thank you for making it happen, thanks for making this dream a reality.


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