Paddle Shifters

OpenSimWheel environment has been enhanced by many community members. Most of them contribute with valuable info and a few of them with impressive hardware. Martin Ascher is one of my favorites and among his wider catalog, paddle shifters are one of the best known by its top notch quality.

These paddle shifters are used in many steering wheel builds of other well known makers. Last week Martin announced how his hardware is blurring the line between real racing and simracing; paddle shifters were used in Nürburgring 24h and Le Mans races by some teams with a good performance result. Now, you can purchase them and enjoy the improvements over the previous models.

I’m proud to introduce my latest Gen4 paddle shifters. They have been improved once again and are now back in stock.

The previous Gen3 shifters have been “abused” for real racing applications by more and more teams which led me to design something suitable for the real racing environment. Actually, my shifters have been used in the real 24h of Nürburgring as well as 24h of Le Mans this year!

However, I started once again from scratch to build something even more precise and bullet proof. I’m sure you guys will like it.

Simulator edition as known:

Motorsport edition to better suit the race car environment:

The motorsport edition uses the same mechanics but has a different switch (IP67 water proof, 2 mio lifecycles) and cables.



Furthermore, I’m introducing a shifter upgrade kit for the Fanatec Formula rim. It’s now relatively easy to integrate my shifters to this popular rim in a very solid way:


Check out my tutorial to see how it works.

Finally, I want to thank this community for being so much supportive. It’s very pleasing to meet so many friendly and enthusiastic sim racers!


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