Pit stop macros

Maybe you do not know that is possible to set a limited number of configurations when you have to enter the pit. By default we are changing all tires and refueling the maximum available. This should be annoying for most users breaking you race strategy anytime you go to the pit lane.

Mapping buttons is simpler than you think. Edit your documents\iracing\app.ini and modify this line:

[Pit Service]
autoResetPitBox=0 ; Automatically request full pit service once your vehicle exits pit road

With this little change you will have unchecked all options in the box.
If your remember a previous post I talked about autochat messages. You can edit this messages in options menu inside the game or in the app.ini file.

AutoChatStr11=#lf rf lr rr ws fuel 500g$ ; Auto chat message
AutoChatStr12=#rf rr$ ; Auto chat message
AutoChatStr13=#lf rf lr rr$ ; Auto chat message
AutoChatStr14=#fuel 2g$ ; Auto chat message
AutoChatStr15=#fuel 10g$ ; Auto chat message

By default these configurations are set.
I am going to explain them:

#: a pit command
$: enter a command or text
lf: left front tire
rf: right front tire
lr: left rear tire
rr: right rear tire
XXg: fuel in gallons
XXl: fuel in liters
ws: clean windshield
clear: clear all checked options
cleartires: uncheck all tires, keep the rest
lf 22p: left front tire to 22 psi, you can use this as example
lf 22k: left front to 22kpa
help: show all options

So, if you are driving FW31 and you only need one stop to finish your race you should do something like this: #lf rf lr rr fuel 80l$

Customize them to fulfill your needs.

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    1. You can assign any of the 15 default messages to pit command, feel free to do it.
      Puedes asignar cualquiera de los 15 mensajes que tienes por defecto y usarlo como pit command.

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