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OSW new owners are usually thrilled about his/her new acquisition and they want to enjoy different rim sizes to achieve a deeper immersion while they drive. An open wheel steering wheel is smaller than a GT rim or an old formula rim, so there is a need considering we jump from one car to another very often (we shouldn’t!) and a good quick release procedure turns everything into an easy and fast way to change between rims.

I’ve read and I’ve see many users trying different quick release devices since OSW made its first appearance and at last most of us we agreed Holger’s Q1R is the most solid, robust, durable, piece of hardware to hold OSW peaks and forces. Mine is from August 2015 having no slop or play and still remains as the first day.

Holger Buchfink offers two different sizes models, 70mm and 50mm, considering the size of rim you want to use. But both of them are ready to be attached to the main side, the one with the closing device which remains stuck to the motor shaft. Price should be around 150€ including taxes for european customers.

There is not much to say about it. It is simple and works, but I specially like closing bike style device to join both parts, very smooth.

Is it expensive comparing to others? yes, it is. But it will last forever because it is designed with one only purpose in mind, doing the job.

You can contact and order clicking this link. If I can remember he used to add a Mige adapter if you order a complete Q1R. Contact with Joe Sullivan if you are in US.

Barry Rowland made a complete review some time ago


2 thoughts on “Q1R mini review

  1. Hello from Greece and congratulations for your site – interesting stuff!
    About Q1R: I wish there was also a 52mm model to fit the Fanatec wheels.

    1. Hm, Fanatec wheel bases are not strong enough to need these kind of quick releases but I guess Holger could do a little batch and see what happens.

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