SOF Races Season 3

It is always good to know when strongest races are taking place. These dates are important if you are thinking to fight for the series because a high SOF allows to distribute a lot of good championship points. Remember, don’t race more than 4 races per week if you want your highest score to be accounted.

Chuck Earnest created a complete list for this season, also you can check our events page.



R Class Series (OVAL)
iRacing Advanced Legends: N/A
iRacing Street Stock – Fixed: N/A

D Class Series (OVAL)
NASCAR iRacing Late Model Series: N/A
NASCAR iRacing National Series – Fixed: (K&N series): Monday 9:45 pm (Tuesday 01:45 GMT), Tuesdays 9:45 pm (Wednesday 01:45 GMT), Thursday 7:45 pm (Thursday 23:45 GMT), Thursday 9:45 pm (Friday 01:45 GMT)
NASCAR iRacing SK Modified Series: N/A

C Class Series (OVAL)
INDYCAR Series – Oval: first race of the new week
INDYCAR Series – Oval – Fixed: N/A
iRacing Street Stock Class C – Fixed: N/A
NASCAR iRacing Super Late Model Series: Sunday 9:15 pm (Monday 01:15 GMT), Wednesday 9:15 pm (Thursday 01:45 GMT)
NASCAR iRacing Class C Series: N/A
NASCAR iRacing Class C Series – Fixed: 1st and 2nd races of the week, Thursday 9:15 pm (Friday 01:15 GMT)
NASCAR iRacing Tour Modified Series: Tuesday 8:00 (Wednesday 00:00 GMT, Thursday 8:00 pm (Friday 00:00 GMT), Thursday 10:00 pm (Friday 02:00 GMT), Mon-Thu 0 and 2 GMT are other times

B Class Series (OVAL)
iRacing Silver Crown Cup: Tuesday 9:45 pm (Wednesday 01:45 GMT), Thursday 9:45 pm (Friday 01:45 GMT)
iRacing Sprint Car Cup: Tuesday 9:00 pm (Wednesday 01:00 GMT), Thursday 9:00 pm (Friday 01:00 GMT)
NASCAR iRacing Class B Series: N/A
NASCAR iRacing Class B Series – Fixed: N/A

A Class Series (OVAL)
NASCAR iRacing Class A Series: Monday 8:30 pm (Tuesday 00:30 GMT)
NASCAR iRacing Class A Series – Fixed: N/A


R Class Series (ROAD)
iRacing Production Car Challenge: N/A
MAZDA MX-5 Cup – Fixed: N/A

D Class Series (ROAD)
Cadillac Cup – Fixed: this may not be official
iRacing Grand Touring Cup: N/A
iRacing Spec Racer Ford Challenge: no SOF race
Kia Cup – 2016 Season 3 – fixed: N/A
Ruf GT3 Challenge – Fixed: N/A
Skip Barber Race Series: Sunday 17:15 GMT and Monday 11:15

C Class Series (ROAD)
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series: N/A
Blancpain Endurance Series: N/A
Grand Prix Legends: Thursday 1730 GMT, Friday 21:30 GMT
Verizon INDYCAR Series: see Richard Tam’s posts below
iRacing Formula Renault 2.0 Championship: Friday 20:45 GMT, Sunday 16:45 GMT
iRacing V8 Supercars Series: Thursday 10:15 pm (Friday 02:15 GMT), Friday 10:15 pm (Saturday 02:15 GMT), Sunday 4:15am/6:15am, Monday 4:15am/6:15am
Prototype and GT Challenge: Wednesday 17:45 GMT
Radical Racing Challenge: N/A
Ruf Cup: Sunday 17:45 GMT, Sunday 19:45 GMT
Star Mazda Championship: Saturday 19.45 GMT

B Class Series (ROAD)
Blancpain Sprint Series: 9:00 am (13:00 GMT), 11:00 am (15:00 GMT), 1:00 pm (17:00 GMT) weekends it looks like ????
iRacing Classic Lotus Grand Prix: Sunday 4:30 pm (Sunday 20:00 GMT), Sunday 6:30 pm (Sunday 22:30 GMT)
IMSA Sportscar Championship: It was Sunday 11:45 am, Sunday 3:45 pm but apparently will be different this season

A Class Series (ROAD)
iRacing Grand Prix Series: Saturday and Sunday 14.00 GMT


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