TradingPaints kaput!

TradingPaints website has been down for a few days and it seems that some unexpected problems arose with devastating results.
Steve and Shawn has published a letter explaining what has happened and giving details about what’s the next step to recover what is lost right now.

“While working to set up a new Trading Paints server to help performance, speed, and reliability, our hosting service provider mistakenly reformatted both the current, live Trading Paints web server in addition to our live backup server.

This resulted in the loss of all data and files on Trading Paints.

While we first thought we’d be able to recover everyone’s paint files and data after the our provider mistakenly wiped clean the primary Trading Paints server, we soon found out that a few hours after the first mistake, the provider also completely reformatted the backup server, resulting in total loss of data on both servers.

This is tough for us personally and has implications reaching further than Trading Paints. It’s truly a devastating loss.”


“Our server provider informed us that they couldn’t recover data off the disks they erased, but we’ve requested for them to send us the disks to see what we might be able to find ourselves. Since they reformatted eight disks in total, we’re remaining optimistic that data can be recovered.

We’re not sure if the fact that these were human errors by the server technicians helps or hurts the likelihood of recovery.

This process may take a week or more, and we can’t guarantee any sort of results. You’ll see some changes in Trading Paints over the next few weeks while we work to get back up to speed.

We’ve unfortunately been forced to close Paint Builder and team paint functionality temporarily we work through the recovery process, but it will return as soon as possible — this is only a short-term outage. Again, we understand this is a tool our Pro users rely on and paid for, and we’re doing everything we can to restore it quickly.

We’ll keep you updated through updates on Twitter.

I hope you can recover it all guys. Read the complete post here.

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