Two years ago

On this day, two years ago I published my first post here starting an external source to reflect some of my racing and simracing learning and to help spread a little this hobby.

I have been learning and improving myself continuously almost with every post. And with every confidence crisis it has been useful as a safety valve to keep attached to simracing while my driving had a break. From my personal perspective has been a good journey and it allowed me to know a bunch of good people along the way as Carlos, Alex, Tomo, Martin, Philip and many many more.

Blog keeps growing steadily and reaching record numbers every month. Even some big hardware companies have trusted BoxThisLap to show some of their new products, which I personally appreciate a lot. Couples of months ago I opened a Spanish branch to cover my mother tongue trying to fill (or complement) that empty information hole in my own language.

Future is bright and I would like to see new things like a working forum and do more social account contents; video, pictures and not only writing content, but these are more wishful thinking. Also I’d like to see more comments around here and I’ve tried to simplify login process to allow it, but that’s a matter of time I guess.

By the time I started here, I was hosting other paid projects which are no longer running. Unfortunately my expenses are higher than then and I barely received any contribution to even cover this basic service cost. Anyway, there are many ways to help; sending your articles, donating, using my iRacing links as referral, liking or following social accounts, etc. I am always open to suggestions.

As my personal life evolves I usually need my time to develop some other projects and simracing blogging could be excessively time-consuming. The more time I spend on the blog, the more it needs. It is time to ask for help, so if you want to write about simracing periodically, you can contact me using contact form in about page and we’ll figure out how to make it work.

Thank you guys for all your support!

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