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It has been around here for a while, since march update I think but I forgot a lot of things I read…

Trying to adapt and improve DX11 and HMD’s few options were added in the last update. Sharpening is one of these, maybe the most important one. As its name, supposedly makes definition of the picture a lot better but of course you will need a big push in your GPU capacities. Since this improvement was added, I tried to play with it couples of times but my old GTX 970 is unable to handle it without a great FPS drop.

Overall improvement in the whole picture is clearly visible and noticed. No more blurriness outside of the center and much better immersion.

Anyway, here you have instructions to do the change:

Open and edit rendererDX11.ini which is in Documents\iRacing folder

Change to 1 Sharpening parameter. Default is 0.

Play and test with SharpeningAmount values, from 125 (default) up to 300 to see how your GPU and your sight handle new settings. Try to find a balance to retain all possible frames per second.

Now a sample options file from a GTX 1080 GPU settings:

[Graphics Options]
SharpeningClamp=9 ; sharpening clamp (0=min, 10=default, 100=max)
SharpeningAmount=175 ; sharpening strength (10=min, 125=default, 300=max)
FXAAQualityEdgeThreshold=166 ; 333=too little(fast),250=lowqual,166=default,125=highqual,63=overkill(slow)
FXAAQualitySubPix=75 ; aliasing amt (100=soft,75=default,50=sharp,25=low,0=0ff)
FXAA=1 ; 0=off, 1=FXAA enabled
Sharpening=1 ; 0=off, 1=sharpening enabled

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