4096 steps

If you have been racing for a while I am sure Leo Bodnar sounds familiar to you.

A few years ago Leo developed a very popular product; G25/G27 pedals adapter. This adapter allows to connect your pedals directly to your computer and get 10 bit resolution or 1024 steps. You know, more sensitivity for the brake pedal.

Maybe this is enough for the vast majority of the drivers but if you can afford it, there is always an extra device to burn your budget; 12 bit resolution boards. With a growing demand, the main companies offering these sim related products are Leo Bodnar Electronics and Derek Speare Designs.

These boards are not only useful to get some analog 12-bit inputs (4096 steps), you also can connect lot of buttons, or depending on the model, rotary inputs, load cell channels, etc.

These features make these boards also valuable for the flight simulation fans trying to develop their own cockpits.

Leo Bodnar’s BU0836A

DSD 12 bit controllers

And, to connect the pedals

DSD pedal pal

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