AMD stuttering

These last weeks has been unclear for the AMD graphic card owners. Everybody seems to notice a big FPS drop performance and the most annoying stuttering you might think.

There are several threads on the official forums trying to achieve a good balance and some of the new Crimson drivers’ features might be able to help with that disturbing issue.

Here, one of the users tell us about his experience:

“I just updated from 15.3 to the Crimson 15.3 drivers on Win 7 64

I saw an improvement in frame rate but still had some stuttering, about the same as the older driver.

I then went in and enabled Shader caching– WOW !!!! — Massive increase in FPS[b] and no stuttering even on the Nurb GP cct.

I will test it in Win 10 after the iRacing update.

“Radeon Software Crimson offers a new “Shader Cache” option that reduces stutter and can launch your games up to 33 percent faster”
Quote from AMD.

It makes sense that it would reduce stutters if Shaders are being compiled on the fly without caching particularly early in the lap as appeared to be the case at the TouristFart.”

UPDATE: A simple way to enable this setting would be:

  • Right click desktop – Radeon Settings
  • Games tab
  • Add iRacing.exe to your Application Profile list, to do this (click add icon on right top corner, and find your exact game exe
  • After you added iRacing.exe to your list (Note that this is NOT global settings)
  • Click iRacing box in list
  • Now you will see alot of options box in this window
  • Click the one called “Shader Cache”
  • Click drop down list –> Switch to “ON” instead “AMD Optimized”
  • Done, there’s no save button, just simply go back to main page without closing entire window, and your changes will be saved automatically

I didn’t want to change my Catalyst but I think really have no choice.

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