Another OSW experience

Tony Kloosterman is one of the american customers who bought his kit from Joe Sullivan. Joe also has a wide catalog of other simracing hardware ready to send. Check with him different options to configure your OSW build.

“I know a lot of people are sitting on the edge, trying to decide if they should go osw, simxperience or bodner. I know what initially put me off the osw was having to build it, I don’t have the time, inclination or the guts to do it. I read all the how to’s but to be honest it scared me.

I then read about Joe Sullivans ready to go kits, and made contact with him in mid November. We exchanged a few emails and Joe was very accommodating answering all my questions, there never was any pressure to buy and having read many posts here I decided to pull the trigger on an argon unit with small mige, Joe also supplied a holger qr mount and a Martin Ascher button plate for me.

I arranged to pick the unit up from him as I was travelling to Florida for a vacation, we arranged to meet and Joe was again very understanding of timing, traffic etc, we were about an hour late getting to meet him but he and his wife were very patient and pleasant to meet. Once I finally got home about 10 days later I took it all out of the boxes and laid it out on the floor, making sure I understood what cable did what and what connected to where. I was unsure of a couple of things, exchanged a couple of emails, read the instructions a few more times and managed to puf it all in the right way ( not that there is a wrong way as it turns out)

software downloaded I checked all the settings and we were off to the races.

this was the week of the new build, I first took the car out to lime rock, a simple little track to get the feel. I swear I could feel the front wheels getting light over the crest and I felt parts of the track I could never feel before, I was able to catch slides quicker then with my csw

I race the V8 exclusively so I am very familiar with the car, last week in 3 races I gained almost 200 ir and .8 sr, 2 races no incidents, 1 race a 4x when I touched another car, a first place in the euro split, a second in the Thursday nights Americas split and a 6th in the top split Americas race Friday night against some of the top Aussies as well as a 11th practice time of 500 participants as well as a 4th place race lap of 500 participants

The feel I get through this wheel is amazing, I feel much more connected with the road surface and am able to better react to changes in grip. I am 1000% satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend it to those that just can’t decide.”

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