Tapas 2: Tomo Meglic

After a little break, I am back to talk with someone has greatly contributed to the new DIY DD wheels trend. Tomo Meglic tried to combine his achievements on track (racing WCS for TNT Racing) with his skills to offer new and cheaper way to get into the OSW world. He is offering two attractive packs worth to consider. You can request more information drop him a mail.

maxresdefaultWhen did you started?

I started back in 2000 when Grand Prix 3 from Geoff Crammond was released. It was awesome F1 game for that time.

Who was your mentor?

Never had any mentor but I was always a big racing fan with all knowledge that comes with it and I also had some background from private go-cart racing with my friends.

What sims do you use? What do you like the most?

I start to drive more seriously with Rfactor 1 and love it.RFactor-06-05bmwsauber2 We had a quite good european league for few years and full distance races with track schedule based on real F1 calendar. Now my favorite is iRacing with best online experience possible. I also enjoy to drive with those extreme fast racers, some of them must be from other planet.

What was the inflection point in your simracing career?

For successful simracer dedication and passion is most important. To achieve higher competition level skill I would say joining to team with fast drivers is a must.

When did you get your pro license? How long did it take you?

I got the pro licence at first try at beginning of 2015. It was solid challenge because I was driving alone at that time – without team. I finished 5th overall.

How many hours do you train before a race?

I must say practice level drops a lot after you get familiar with car or selected tracks. I would say on average 2-3 hours. For optimal preparation I would say at least 4-6 hours is needed accumulated over the week.

In your opinion, is it the hardware a decisive factor? What is your next hardware upgrade?

oculus-rift-lolYes, hardware is important. It must give you a confidence to drive on limit. Some guys need less precise hardware to perform on top but most of drivers I know benefited with better pedals or going for Direct drive steering system.

My next hardware upgrade will be Oculus Rift released in few months. It would not make me faster but I am sure it will be fun to drive some race with it.

What would you like to see for the next 5 years in simracing?

f1-monaco-grand-prix-betting-xlFor content – I would like to see Monaco circuit in iRacing that’s my top wish. Simulation wise I would prefer next gen graphics engine implemented in iRacing.

Tell me your most hated track?

Probably Donington Park.

Show me your racing shoes

Not using any.

Any extra thoughts you would like to say.

I hope to see you on track guys. I have feel that 2016 will be special for racing enthusiasts.

I would like to thank Tomo for his time to do this after knowing he is very busy trying to assembly a lot of new kits for eager customers/simracers. I wish you the best of luck with this new adventure!

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