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We are writing post 210th here at We have been working to spread simracing during last few years and doing a lot of things for free. I’ve answered many (many) questions about different things, helping people without expecting anything in return and spending time, effort and sometimes money to do it. It is time to reevaluate priorities and to consider some others alternatives. It has been a year off for me, unemployed by my own initiative trying to see if there is something else than the current hamster’s wheel to rule the life but I need to get back to work . We, Alberto and me, as the rest of you, need some kind of motivation from time to time to keep our enthusiasm and this project running. This year we had some collaborators/users in the blog who would like to thanks:

  • SimRacingBay
  • Javier Tinajo
  • Jon Elgezabal
  • Carles Gordi
  • Jesus Saez
  • Thrustmaster España
  • Heusinkveld Engineering
  • Jonathan Diaz
  • GBBRT and friends in social networks. Tapas interviewed. iRacing community.
  • A couple of iRacing referrers who I personally write to thank them.

And that’s all, end of the list. Period. No more donors nor collaborations, not even to fully pay annual hosting expenses and domain (120$) which is discouraging. No more collaborative articles or writers who ask to be published.

We are already at a disadvantage with new media formats, like video or streaming, but we think written content is somehow more valuable, more precise and less intrusive when you want to enjoy and to digest what you are reading. We don’t believe in ads or campaigns to bother you and your browser, so we keep the site clean and fast. We, simracing community are relatively new and small bunch of guys who try to make our hobby bigger and greater but at the moment the sources of the information are limited and hard to find.  If you think we are making a good job, please take some time to buy us a beer, as you would in flesh and blood. Any help is welcome.

4 thoughts on “ and you

  1. I do really like concept of this portal. Every day I am returning hungry to see if there is some new article.I do feel this portal as one of the not asked to write positive reviews, judgements etc.

    Also I do have plan to do some hand on review for Sam Maxwell F1 wheel after driven approx 200 hours on it and will be very happy to share it here.

    Donated 50EUR – 4XW200581H9603720

    1. Thank you very much Jan. We really are amazed for your kindly support.
      Of course, when you finish your review it will be a pleasure to have it here.

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