Coming soon

As always there have been rumors about what is happening in the iRacing headquarters and what may happen in the very near future. Here is a list.

  • UI redesign: a whole new user interface planned to integrate all the member’s site features into the sim. Medium-long term.
  • McLaren-Honda: the newest car on the F1 grid comes to iRacing in the next season build. Totally unexpected.
  • Nordschleife-Nurburgring: Autumn was the date to enjoy this mystical track in our favorite sim. Season 4 for sure.
  • Imola: I keep enjoying this track from the early access stages in Assetto Corsa development. I am willing to see this track finally in the schedule. Maybe next build.
  • Five flags: No idea about this little oval track. Next build possibility.
  • New GT3: New brand manufacturer. Mid-long term.
  • New Miata: It is not clear when, but it is confirmed in MCRS. Mid-term.
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT3: They have been working in these cars last months, but with the McLaren-Honda on highest priority maybe has been postponed. Mid-term.
  • Aston Martin GT1: Next build to race along with Corvette.

  • BTCC license: They need to conclude an agreement. Long term.
  • Brazilian server farm: They are still studying where to establish a new server farm.
  • Dirt: New ground model, with marbles, car parts, sand, grass, etc. Heat and cold changes. Medium term.
  • Pit crew guys: We will be able to see animated pit crew guys. Maybe next build.
  • Oculus Rift support: As long as CV1 shows up in the next months, I guess we should get a better resolution at least.
  • BMW cars: There are no news about these lately.
  • DX11: Never ending story. Coming soon.


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