SHH Shifter

There’s not too many times when a new local product arise and it is really affordable, so it is time to say a few words about it.

shh_modelSince the last months of the past year, Aritz, a local simracer, has been building and selling the first 3D printed peripheral for simracers. It is a shifter, with h-pattern and sequential modes, developed in ABS with small nylon parts, totally customizable and with a very inexpensive price. It starts at 77€ plus shipping fees.

It comes with two knobs, also 3D printed, and with at least 3 different colors. It is possible to attach it to a table, an aluminum stand, an standard racing rig or whatever you have in your place.

Currently, there is a waiting list for at least one month.

You can make an order or view more pictures here.

UPDATE: You can order directly from its new website

And a quick review video.

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