Drop frame rate after new update

Dynamic tracks are still under scrutiny. We need to know how is this going to affect all the sessions in terms of setting the cars up. However some fellow racers are starting having some problems with a significant drop frame rate.

iRacing staff has recognized that enabling dynamic track rendering could make a big difference in our frame rate:

“We know enabling dynamic track rendering can cost 10% to 18% FPS generally. Also setting particle detail to HIGH may cost 5% or so.

Would be interesting to know if setting particles to MED helps, or if turning off dynamic track rendering helps.”

And they have proposed one more solution:

“If you are running with dynamic track rendering enabled you can also try changing the following line in your renderer.ini file:

SeparateDynamicTrackPass=0; 0=dyn track renders in base pass 1=dyn track renders using 2nd pass

Changing that to 1 will enable an alternate rendering method for the rubber/marbles. We had mixed results with it internally, on some systems/tracks it helped out quite a bit.”

Lowering particles rendering helps too:

“The other thing to try is turning Particle quality down to Medium Detail. At High it enables “soft particles” which requires a bit more rendering. […]

Soft particles allow for a smoother transition when a particle intersects geometry. It is probably most notable if you burn out and generate a lot of tire smoke. Without soft particles you will see a distinct line where the smoke intersects the track and car.”

More realism means more processing, and more processing capacities means more money.

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