BruteForce2 building guide

A couples of weeks ago, I finished my IONI building based wheel, an OSW derivative steering wheel. There have been a few months of reading and trying to understand how the wiring and the electronics components worked together. I had to wait for some things, many many weeks, and some others were hard to find but finally the soldering nightmare went away and everything worked.

From my first reading on this matter, when Ascher’s Argon guide was the main source to build an OSW, up to now, the popularity of these projects has grown dramatically. To help newcomers to evaluate the complexity of the task, Jason Sandlin and Jason Jordaski are working in an extensive guide.

This guide covers:

  • the initial choices
  • introduction point API vs MMOS
  • different motors
  • designs and components to use
  • possible rims
  • where to buy (US market)
  • tools you need
  • first steps following Beano’s schematic
  • flashing Discovery
  • firmware updates on IONI and MMOS configuration

It is still a work in progress but helps a lot if you choose to enter the most exciting DIY simracing project right now.


UPDATED: Barry’s review is out!

3 thoughts on “BruteForce2 building guide

  1. Thanks for this great material. I just started gathering needed parts. BTW I’m using IONI HC PRO Drive rather than IONI PRO Drive. Can I use the wiring scheme as it is?

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