Seeing the main logo, it is not a secret that iRacing born as a racing simulation service focused on the american market. A strong support coming from Nascar and school drivers and the previous experience of the developers were a powerful reason to think that we would stop at that station, but as soon as main concept was split into branches, oval and road, was clear a future compromise and commitment to the road racing competitions.

European and asian/oceanic drivers has always preferred this mode and we got a few drops of this taste along the way. And the last signings seems to prove that this move is going even forward.

New european partnerships, new european cars, new european championships, new added european tracks, new endurance modes and new european manufacturers. Service needs to keep growing steadily and Europe has been always an attractive market. Therefore, our updates schedule shows the following:

  • Le Mans
  • Mercedes AMG
  • Aston Martin GT3
  • Imola
  • Formula Renault 2.0 & 3.5
  • Nuburgring & Nordschleife
  • Blancpain partnership
  • ACO partnership

With the new F1 car, seems that there’s no much left (maybe DTM) to cover in Europe. South America and Asia are pushing as the new stops in the future path.

Update: Nordschleife was planned this autumn but finally not going to make it. A lot of work to do, Gardner said. Sad news.

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