Ascher Racing – Steering Wheels

Martin has helped a lot of community users to finish and to start theirs DIY projects. He already has a few products with an outstanding quality and this new products line is expected to be at the same level.

A couple of weeks he announced three different button plates to attach our favorite rim. It is a big step to help OSW users in one of the weakest points of the building process.

They are already available and ready to ship.

Prices starting at 509€ for the C20S up to 529€ for the most expensive item.

Some of the features are:

  • carbon fiber front- & backplate, covered by a black casing
  • 20 inputs from high quality Knitter switches, CTS Encoder, Paddle Shifter
  • plug & play via coiled USB cable
  • etc…

You can check all the options, configurations and ordering here.

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