How to use DX11 and more things

People is asking everywhere how to use DX11. Even knowing (maybe not) that is an alpha version working so so in many computers. Here you can see where enable it. Settings button, near to the forum access in the main window. You will have to go through a new video configuration for the new graphical environment and maybe it crash a lot or kill your frames.™ Press Room

At first sight and for the average comments nvidia cards should work better. With more powerful cards working even better and gaining a lot of frame rate.

With a GTX980 and 1080p high settings should be something like this:


Amd users were having a fun time playing with jaggies and other Anti-aliasing problems. Next Tuesday will be a new patch trying to solve some of the crashes and issues detected and maybe we’ll get some improvemente over the current performance.

John Bodin tried an specific configuration to test how DX11 would work with AMD cards. I tested it and can say is an improvement but not running like DX9 yet.

NOTE: Make sure you exit iRacing before making the following adjustments — if you try making adjustments in Catalyst Control Panel while iRacing is running, you won’t see any results until you exit iRacing and restart, so make your CCC adjustments BEFORE launching iRacing.

1) In the Catalyst Control Panel, I selected “Defaults” and clicked “Apply” — I also deleted ALL iRacing profiles, AND I set the Anti-Aliasing Method to “Adaptive multisampling”;

1 - Catalyst Control Panel DX11_zpsrs9w7vl8

2) I went into the iRacing “Settings” menu from the main user page, and re-ran the iRacing Graphics Config;

2 - Re-run iRacing Graphics Config_zpssia2lbsj

3) Then I launched iRacing and went into the graphics menu and made the following adjustments — a picture is worth 1,000 words, so I’m not going to itemize all the changes, but you can see for yourself . . . NOTE: If you’re trying to achieve the same results I’ve achieved, MAKE SURE you use these EXACT settings to start with — some things are more important than others, but this will get you going in the right direction;

2A - Adjust In-Game Graphics Settings_zpskt0jwkjs

After I adjusted these settings, I then EXITED iRacing and re-launched it to make sure the graphics settings would take effect.

The result was quite amazing — with these settings, I found the Anti-Aliasing was working GREAT in-game, and my framerate was running almost rock-steady at around 156 uncapped:

5 - In-Game Graphics FPS - 156 Uncapped_zpsio6gjrpf

With these settings, my GPU utilization was quite high but steady, around 95%, and my CPU utilization was running between 65% and 97%;

3 - CPU-GPU Utlization Frames Uncapped_zpsr6qhzpsi

I tried capping my framerate at 127 fps, and everything seemed completely rock-solid, with no stuttering, “surging,” or pausing, and the Anti-Aliasing seems to be working great.

I’m 99% sure the Anti-Aliasing is working due to having the Anti-Aliasing Method set to “Adaptive multisampling” in the Catalyst Control Panel.

Note that all of this didn’t just magically happen on the first try — I originally tried setting the Anti-Aliasing Method to “Supersampling” in the Catalyst Control Panel, and while this DID enable in-game Anti-Aliasing, it also dropped my framerates down to around 32 fps, and it was almost impossible to drive with the framerate running this low.

I also tried checking “Dynamic Objects” and “Filtering” under Shadow Maps in-game, and with Adaptive multisampling enabled, the shadows looked a bit better, but they were still too pixellated for my taste, so I opted to run with them disabled. If you just check “Dynamic Objects” without checking “Filtering,” the shadows from dynamic objects (such as your windshield and roll bar) look like something straight out of Minecraft, so I recommend against that as well.

Overall, though, I think that if you follow these steps, you might see the same type of improvements that I’ve seen.

I’m attaching a full-res image of how the graphics look in-game for me, so you can see how Anti-Aliasing does indeed appear to be working, and the images look pretty decent overall, IMO.

Good luck — hope this helps a few of you out!

One last thing, how to disable iRacing new capture video tool. This would be allow to external video tools work again with iRacing as usual. Look for this in your app.ini.


Change it to 0.

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