SimuCUBE is now real!

That’s the title Tero Kontkanen used to announce that SimuCUBE is reaching a final stage and today is launching an indiegogo campaign to crowdfunding its serial production.

As you remember SimuCUBE was a simplification of DIY project OSW to allow anybody have an affordable and powerful Direct Drive steering wheel. As an OSW owner I am eager to see what is going to be able to do this little box. Check different perks on the campaign to choose whatever fits you.

SimuCUBE campaign on Indiegogo

I’m excited to tell that the first SimuCUBE prototypes have finally arrived! This will take the OSW systems to the next level and more reachable by driving enthusiasts. We’re giving our best shot to:

  • to make OSW construction cleaner and robust
  • to increase functionality and performance
  • to reduce the cost of the professional grade system

Much more details will be released soon. Just need to figure out how to keep hands off the wheel and put them on the keyboard!

Project status on 12 March 2016

  • design – 100% complete
  • prototype – 100% complete
  • testing – 60% complete
  • final design changes – 40% complete
  • indiegogo – estimated to launch on 16 March 2016
  • serial production – starting around 21 March 2016
  • shipping – estimated to begin at May 2016


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