There are some technical issues or glitches I’ve been fighting this week and they are not specially severe but a sort of annoying ones.

First of all, people joining and disconnecting from an ongoing session. If you are using TradingPaints maybe you be aware of some stuttering moments. Usually a texture needs to be downloaded and the game suffers. Nothing important, only in practice sessions but maybe you want to remove it. In renderer.ini

LoadTexturesWhenDriving=1 ; 0=only load when out of car

Dynamic tracks have been a great improvement with a great drop frame rate inconvenient. Until this week I’ve never noticed how performance could be affected. If you want to test it, please do a lap in Interlagos and check FPS by yourself.

You could change this parameter in renderer.ini also and get your old and good performance back.

SeparateDynamicTrackPass=1 ; 0=dyn track renders in base pass 1=dyn track renders using 2nd pass

It has been announced the Black Friday renewal coupon code again. Time to take it.


News for the march build. Tony Gardner said:

“The Renault 2.0, Audi and Mercedes GT3 are all in full production and would not be surprised if all 4 including the MX-5 in the march build. Aside from the MX-5, the Renault is the furthest along. The Audi right now is further along than the Mercedes.”

A worth to read blog and a place where to behold hardware masterpieces.


And finally, Nordschleife and Nurburgring tracks are showing in all schedules.

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