Some OSW news

After being some weeks on hold passing tests and waiting for feedback, Granite Devices has released a final IONI 1.5 firmware yesterday. Argon 2.0 firmware was already available to test. You will need Granity 1.10 to make them work.

These firmware upgrades are supposed to deliver interesting improvements related to simracing behavior but there are some heavy changes on the Granity configurations that’s worth checking before. Let’s have a look to IONI 1.5 fw settings 2500ppr encoder (Thanks to Mathew John Tracey)

Also Carlos warned me about a chip change in STM32F4 discovery boards make them apparently useless to build an OSW. A few hours later they discovered it was only matter to update board firmware to the last version available through the STM software.

  • open STM32 ST-LINK Utility 3.9.0
  • click stlink tab inside and choose FW update
  • press device connect and yes
  • after finish pres “target” tab
  • erase chip
  • program and verify

As always, docs and files required are available here.

Granite Devices has announced they will be shipping SimuCUBE after a hardware test for first 250 indiegogo contributors. That is a lot of people only for the first batch! Campaign has been a huge success, so SimuCUBE growth will increase IONI development and improvement phase.


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