Summer iRacing coupons, schedule and more

We are finishing the current season and summer is already here. More leisure and spare time to racing and do other kind of activities.

Here are some verified codes to join and try iRacing for some months. You can use this link to sign up where I am as a referred member.

PR-IMSA2015 – 3 months basic content 5$ only new members.
PR2FREE – 3 months basic content 9$ only new members
PR-GoProLopez – 3 months basic content 10$ only new members
PR-BSRTC – 3 months basic content 12$ only new members

There is a 40% OFF in every package in site for new members. Read it and do your calculations thoughtfully.

PRNEW401 – 1 month 40% OFF 7,2$
PRNEW403 – 3 months 40% OFF 18$
PRNEW4012 – 12 months 40% OFF 59,4$
PRNEW4024 – 24 months 40% OFF 107,4$

Last week was published new calendar for the incoming season. Check it here.

2016 season 3 schedule

Jerry Mascaro updated a Ryan Williams spreadsheet to know how to spend wisely with the new schedule.

“All Official Series, Tracks and Cars are in two tabs, road and oval (not very good for printing but it helps me to see what tracks are used in each category.) There is conditional formatting so A Series dates are highlighted in blue, B-green, C-yellow, etc.

There is a column to the right that shows how “popular” each track is, i.e. how many Series it is used this Season, similar to what Ryan did. It helps me decide which tracks I want to buy.

Here’s the fun part. There is a column on the left so you can identify which tracks you already own. Enter “Owned” in that column beside each track that you own. Then at the bottom of each column, it will calculate how many tracks you own in each series, and how many tracks you need, in order to run every race in that series. (It helps me decide which Series I want to run based on how many tracks I already have.

And the most recent update is a Schedule for each series at the bottom of each sheet, with a quick link to that schedule at the top. It helps me see the entire schedule at a glance, what tracks I still need, and where each series is running each week.

The schedule is populated for this season’s road and oval series. (This can be updated each season by entering the race week dates from the Official schedule in the Track/Series grid, and then entering the first week date of the season in the Schedule grid below.”


Season 3 will be deployed Tuesday 7. Downtime Schedule:

Tue 2016-06-07 0200 Hosted Sessions Unavailable*
Tue 2016-06-07 0800 Service Unavailable
Tue 2016-06-07 1200 Service Restored

Tue 2016-06-07 0600 Hosted Sessions Unavailable*
Tue 2016-06-07 1200 Service Unavailable
Tue 2016-06-07 1600 Service Restored

Tue 2016-06-07 1600 Hosted Sessions Unavailable*
Tue 2016-06-07 2200 Service Unavailable
Wed 2016-06-08 0200 Service Restored

All times are subject to change.

Sessions in progress at the start of maintenance may be terminated. There will be no record of such events whether official or not.

* Hosted sessions are allowed that do not overlap the service maintenance period. For example, 6 hours before the service is unavailable, you can create a hosted session that lasts 4 hours, but not one that lasts for 6 hours.

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