Them that don’t ask…

After many threads and complaints, and whiners whining all over the place people get what they want. Iracing is offering since yesterday and only til this midnight a “Cyber Monday” offer to get extra credits. This kind of offer inside or other offers period is highly unusual but gives you the chance to get that 50% renewal discount you were asking for.

So, you can get 25 iRacing dollars if you purchase 75 dollars and with that extra bonus afford the Black Friday renewal discount to get almost a 50% discount like the previous years. Also, we will have for sure those who thinks this isn’t even enough for them, or those who think next week will be something better and will be whining again if doesn’t happen.

Following code will be working until 23.59 GMT November 29th:


New members can use this link and these codes to get a 50% off:

PRNEWMEMBER5024 (two years)

PRNEWMEMBER5012 (one year)

PRNEWMEMBER503 (three months)

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