VR: My first test

A couples of weeks ago I visited Madrid Games Week, an international event to promote eSports, console video games, PC gaming, game developing, cosplay and anything related to this segment. My main target was to try a TSS cockpit with Oculus Rift DK2 and bass shakers. Carlos Casas was there trying to help and achieve a big improvement with immersion and along with Alfonso and the people from MundoGT was really nice.

I had the chance to try LFS with these DK2 googles kit and I must say that the feeling is impressive. You are totally there, inside the cockpit and seeing the real size and proportions of the objects. LFS also is one of the best samples because, being old, is able to run quiet nice rendering two different images at the same time, getting a decent frame rate and avoiding any dizziness or motion sickness.

Resolution and field of view are the weakest points of this Oculus iteration. A black grid too close to your sight and remembering you that everything is a simulation. Field of view limitation feels like being a horse with patch at your sides. Your peripheral view feels hampered.

I don’t want to extend this micro review because I know there are several different new products coming to the market next year and probably we are going to make a difficult choice between them. Oculus has promised everything will be fixed in the next iterations. Sony, Valve or even Google are ready to compete for the new market.

I want to thank Alfonso, Carlos, Luis and the rest of the MundoGT staff in the stand their kindly response and superb treatment.

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